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The 2020/2021 Rossignol Alltrack Elite 130 LT GW is reviewed in the men's All-Mountain Freeride narrow category based on tests at Silver Mountain Resort & Mt. Bachelor Resort by the experts at America's Best Bootfitters, powered by Masterfit Media.

The Gist

The Dual Core Grilamid shell Alltrack Elite 130 LT was the highest scoring narrow hike mode boot and the third-highest scoring hike mode boot, regardless of width, the last time we tested it. So, it's good. And it's back again unchanged except for a new, sandy cosmetic. How was it so good? Testers liked that it shaved the weight without losing its boot-ness. It still fits and skis like a Rossi (meaning anatomically contoured, strong and quick) just a lightweight one, they said. The Dual Core polyolefin HD cuff is light but snappy, testers said, claiming it remains tall and strong against the leg for solid charging through variable, manky piles on big, fat skis to punch well above its weight class.

The Fit

Testers said the fit was best described as a roomy narrow in the toebox and forefoot and a narrow the way they expect a narrow to fit from there on back, with a little extra shape at the top of the cuff to contour around the calf muscle. The Alltrack Elite 130 LT's score for Anatomical Fit & Initial Feel was the highest in the entire On-Off Area group. Testers noticed a rapid break-in of the liner to the foot upon skiing and the tightest spots relaxed just enough to forego immediate calls for a bootfitter. Easy on and off with neutral stance angles was the call, with some testers noting a slightly more upright fore-aft position without the spoiler installed (it comes loose, in the box) and others citing a slightly more forward position with it in—so we guess that's about where it should be, then. As with other Rossignol boots, testers found the length fit generous--which isn't a bad thing for a boot with hiking and touring intentions.


Testers issued zero demerits for the use of Grilamid in the shell and cuff—there were no comments about a lack of power, stability or dampness. There were, however, comments about quickness edge to edge and rapid reaction to foot steering movements. The lighter weight of the boot (1660 grams) was very apparent to testers, who approved once they got confirmation that it could ski. A couple testers thought the lateral stance angles were a touch under-edged making for a steery schmeary ride until the skis were rolled up a little steeper, where the power became evident, but the majority felt the edge power was on tap from the get-go. Testers agreed that the LT cuff's touring range of motion is much improved over the other Alltracks, but still not as good as a few others in the category.

Cool Features

Dual Core plastic injection is a shared technology with Lange. Testers appreciated the performance and fit enhancements that derive from this new process at last year's test when the Dual Core Lange's blew their own predecessors out of the water. We don't have the benefit of non Dual Core Grilamid Alltracks to try in head-to-head tests, but our test team is confident that Dual Core is for real, and now it's available in light, stiff Grilamid as well. Bravo Rossignol. Testers like the simple and straightforward features kit: power strap, upper cuff adjustment, Velcro spoiler, Grip Walk soles (separately), Dynafit certified tech fittings, four light weight buckles.

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