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The 2019/2020 Tecnica Cochise 130 Dyn was tested in the men's All-Mountain Freeride medium width category at Silver Mountain Resort by the experts at America's Best Bootfitters, powered by Masterfit.

The Gist

The revised Custom Adaptive Shape liner made the difference for testers who especially loved the larger instep cutaway for a bony midfoot and adjustable tongue attachment for changing the instep and shin fit—they put it back in gold medal position in the Freeride group this time around. Unchanged is the shell and cuff, which testers agreed needed no alteration. Cochise 130 Dyn boasts one of the easiest to actuate hike modes and surprising touring acumen for how strongly this do-it-all skis on any terrain, testers resoundingly agreed.

The Fit

The ankles and heel are particularly well designed to hold the foot in place for skiing movements, and the forward part of the lower boot offers some forgiveness in fit tension. Testers commented that they liked the padded feel of the liner in the cuff and along the shin, and felt that it maintained the same even, comfortable fit while in hike mode as well.


One key to the Cochise's broad power band and stability on edge, at speed, is its plastic—polyether upper cuff and lower shell—real alpine boot stuff. No skimping for the sake of weight—instead the shell wall thickness is reduced in non-critical areas to shave ounces while maintaining strength. We like that. Testers noted the foot-feel through the boot floor to the ski is exceptional, and while this boot might not compare to piste-centric Frontsiders, it's pretty darned close. For where and how skiers will be using this boot, it has plenty of horsepower for 99% of skiers. You want more juice? Can the hike mode. You want the mobility and touring options? Then this is the best you're gonna do.

Cool Features

As with the Mach1 boots, the Cochise line-up features the Custom Adaptive Shape (C.A.S.) menu of boot-guy-approved design elements. The C.A.S. shell is dimpled in common trouble zones to make heat stretching easier, more-defined and better-lasting. The C.A.S. liner is both highly moldable and grindable due to its high density microcell EVA foam exterior. The Dynafit-certified tech fittings (hence the Dyn suffix) enable the use of lighter weight "low tech" touring gear, and a set of rockered backcountry soles is available as an accessory purchase. Lightweight Lift Lock buckles are sweet for locking them open during entry and exit or while touring—no accidental re-latching.

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Cochise 120 Dyn, $780; Cochise 110 Dyn, $660
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  • “Take all of the very best elements of the Mach1 line and throw them into an Alpine Touring boot and you have the Cochise 130 Dyn. I think this is the epitome of an all-purpose boot. Nice new tone of orange, great styling and Lift Lock buckles are cool, too.” -- Marc Stewart
  • “Positive initial fit and feel—has a consistently smooth wrap and secure heel hold. A true medium last—its shape opened up after being worn a few minutes. Stable drive to the entire ski length. The roundness of turns these boots drive is delightful and aesthetic. Taffy smoothness in turn hook-up--gentle yet immediate in engagement. Simple, easy to use hike mode. No compromise buckles.” -- Bob Gleason
  • “Awesome entrance, seems soft initially but laterally has good touch and strength. Great liner tech--awesome fit. Upright and long-ranging flex made for ideal off-piste rip arounds.” -- Erik Korman


  • “Shame on you for even suggesting there is anything wrong with this boot!” -- Lance Cygielman

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