Scott Cosmos III

Model Year
Last Width
103.5 (on 27.5; approx 101 on 26.5)
Flex Index
115 (A.T.)
Price (MSRP)
The 2018/2019 Scott Cosmos III was tested in the men's Backcountry category at Silver Mountain Resort by the experts at America's Best Bootfitters, powered by Masterfit.

The Gist

Testers loved the straightforward, honest approach of the 2019 Scott Cosmos III—it shares the well-contoured and comfortable fit of big brother Superguide Carbon but without all the flash and for $170 less. This evenly proportioned medium width impressed testers with a balanced flex feel and problem free skiing and touring—they said you could forget you were testing boots and just go find the stash without worrying about making that dicey turn when it's needed.

The Fit

Testers praised the Cosmos III for its closely matched foot feel, which testers said was a nice combination of cushion and room in the forefoot and toebox and a firm grip elsewhere. Testers said that the boot top was flared enough for average to wider calves and they liked the even feel of the tongue against the shin when flexing. They call this an ideal medium-width fit in the Backcountry category and remind skiers that the deceptive 103.5 mm last is measured on a 27.5, not the usual 26.5.


Perhaps not quite as rigidly snappy as the carbon fueled Superguide, the Cosmos III nevertheless laid down solid arcs on all terrain without complaint. Testers actually preferred the simplicity of the four-buckles plus simple Velcro powerstrap closure to the fancy-pants top strap-buckle of the Superguide and said that your Luddite BC crowd may gravitate the same way for ease of use and a traditional approach. Testers said the 115 flex was on target and solid-enough to get the job done.

Cool Features

The Cosmos III shares the same bomb-proof Rear Hook Walk System cuff release, and testers liked its simplicity and highly effective function for full release for touring and full lock-down for solid skiing.

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Superguide Carbon, $949.99
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  • “Great standard-ops BC boot! No surprises—fits the foot and leg well, skis just fine and tours like a dream. Unless you need the stiffness of the Superguide Carbon, save yourself the extra bucks and get the traditional workhorse.” -- Mark Elling
  • “No frills access to the backcountry with a good fit and proper stance. It's nice to see the tried-and-true design still in the mix.” -- Kevin Gabriel


  • “A little too weak to the inside edge to be an on-area crossover ride. Go find pow.” -- Mark Elling

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Flagstaff, AZ
Steamboat Springs, CO

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