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The 2018/2019 Scarpa Gea RS was tested in the women's Backcountry category at Silver Mountain Resort by the experts at America's Best Bootfitters, powered by Masterfit.

The Gist

Testers said the 2019 Scarpa Gea RS remains a no-compromise solution for backcountry skiers looking for uphill efficiency and energetic downhill performance without sacrificing a comfortable fit. Our tests confirmed that the cross-membered V-Frame cuff and carbon-infused Grilamid lower shell make for a light and rigid system for sending movements directly to the ski—testers called it light, responsive and fun and said that its touring range of motion and ease of cuff release are second to none.

The Fit

Spacious and perhaps a bit boxier than the Gea RS of old, testers liked the toebox freedom (fits long and wide there) for a little more blood flow and warmth while touring. They mentioned that the ankle pockets were a little aggressive prior to thermo-forming the Intuition Cross Fit Pro Flex G women's specific liner (which they liked for its light weight and high moldability). Testers also said that the feel on the shin was pretty firm before molding but that it improved substantially.


One tester said: "Dominates the ski from tip to tail!" Another called it a solid touring boot with great dynamic balance. Uphill tests yielded similarly positive commentary regarding ease of use of the metal-to-metal hike mode mechanism and long-travel, friction-free touring range of motion. For good skiing women who want as easy an up as possible but don't want to back off on aggressive skiing, the Gea RS should be on their short list.

Cool Features

The Wave Closure System was a little tricky to figure out on initial trials, but the wire loop and pulley arrangement on the lower buckle functions well at feather weight. Testers like the minimalist power strap with its integrated finger pull loop. They also like the hot pink "flame" colored buckles.

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  • “In a nutshell: comfortable, easy to use, lightweight. The Gea RS is responsive, easy to steer—great for BC pow skiing. I like the easy to use three-buckle closure and it's warm.” --
  • “Sturdy and powerful through the turn all while being featherlight—turny and responsive! Stance and flex in ski mode were comfortable. Super duper light, I'd grab these for a long day on the skin track.” --
  • “Quick and snappy edge to edge! Fantastic responsiveness underfoot—great, sensitive feel for the snow. Kick ass performance. Lots of energy.” --


  • “Forefoot became uncomfortably tight for me and needed custom liner molding—easy enough. Low cuff height exacerbates the softer-than-120 flex feel.” --
  • “A lot of play in toe and heel made the boot lack security of fit.” --
  • “Ugh. This buckle system drives one to drink. Frustrating and almost lost a finger!” --

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Taos Ski Valley, NM
Stowe, VT
Warren, VT
Telluride, CO
Portland, OR
Telluride, CO
Long Lake, MN

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