Dynafit Hoji Pro Tour

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The 2018/2019 Dynafit Hoji Pro Tour was tested in the men's Backcountry category at Silver Mountain Resort by the experts at America's Best Bootfitters, powered by Masterfit.

The Gist

One of the lightest and best tourers our test team has ever experienced, the Hoji Pro Tour will appeal to those looking for room in the toebox and a simultaneously serious lock-down in the heel and ankle zones.

The Fit

Testers could tell there would be little slop at the instep just by putting the Hoji Pro Tour on—it's a stiff, narrow throat of a boot to get past, and once youi're in the heel and ankle areas join in the instep's mission to put a serious submission hold on the rearfoot. All that compression occurs while the forefoot and toes bask in the warm glow of an ultra roomy front portion. Testers liked the combination of two cable buckles, a 45-degree instep ratchet strap and a Velcro power strap for a complete containment system. Testers report that the cuff is upright and firm against the leg.


The function of the hike mode release switch is simple and effective, testers said, and they all loved the frictionless quality of the cuff's fore-aft travel when released. The metal-on-metal cuff connection when locked into ski mode is bomber and the all-Grilamid construction makes for a stout feeling boot—stiff in flex with a firm liner feel against the shin. Testers were surprised in their on-snow descent tests that the edge power and transmission of movement to the ski wasn't more direct-drive feeling, given the stiffness of the boot. Testers enjoyed the Hoji Pro Tour's downhill progress best in the clean untracked, but found it taking them on a line of its own when conditions worsened.

Cool Features

The patent-pending Hoji Lock System incorporates two metal pins, internally, on either side of heel to release or lock the cuff for touring or descending. The shell's blunt-shaped Speed Nose toe design reduces bulk (tech bindings only) and creates a set-back pivot point when touring. The Hoji Pro Tour is also outfitted to accept the Dynafit Cramp-in, a super light crampon that is affixed to the bottom of the boot without traditional bales.

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  • “Great lightweight tour boot that you can still ski well with. The liner was light and felt good while touring. Good overall fit--nice roomy toe box , solid heel and instep hold. It's warm and has an amazing walk--way slick.” -- Adam Tutskey
  • “Good initial fit and got better with time, except my ankle bone was sore—very tight heel and ankle pocket. Excellent walk mode!” --
  • “Very open fit in the toebox and forefoot paired with an exceptionally snug fit at the throat of the boot, ankle and heel. Massive range of motion and super smooth cuff rotation while touring. ” -- Mark Elling


  • “I like more forward lean for ski mode—it seemed too upright and hard against the shin, which made it difficult to engage the turn. ” --
  • “A bit hard to get on.” -- Adam Tutskey

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