Roxa R3 110 Ti I.R.

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The Gist

The all new 2018 Roxa R3 110 Ti I.R. is the little half-brother of the R3 130 Ti I.R.. What changes here is a lower flex rating and the use of a polyurethane upper cuff rather than Grilamid, which is still used in the lower boot here. We tested the R3 110 Ti I.R. in the Backcountry category and the R3 130 Ti I.R. in the On-Off Area group, but both have rockered GripWalk soles and are tech-binding compatible, so they are virtually interchangeable in terms of application, outside the differences noted above.

The Fit

Testers slotted this 99 mm last right where it belongs amongst other narrows, but found it particularly tight over the instep and against the navicular. A liner molding session would probably relax those areas, testers thought. The calf was a bit relaxed at boot top, which they appreciated. As with the R3 130 Ti I.R., testers mentioned a firm feel at boot top against the shin. Low-volume instep folks will love the fit here, which they can lock down even more using the 45-degree middle instep buckle.


Testers felt the 110 flex here was on target—they thought the polyurethane cuff might have had something to do with that. They didn't have the same too-soft, too-long flex complaints here as they did with the Grilamid-cuffed R3 130 Ti I.R.. They still found the stance a bit upright which caused some backseat driving, but they mentioned hoping the full liner cook would allow the shin to seat more deeply into the front of the tongue and put them more in the driver's seat.

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R3 130 Ti I.R., $875; R3 110 I.R., $750; R3 110, $700
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  • 2017-18 Roxa R3 110 Ti at America's Best Bootfitters Boot Test
  • 2017-18 Roxa R3 110 Ti I.R. at America's Best Bootfitters Boot Test
  • 2017-18 Roxa R3 110 Ti I.R. at America's Best Bootfitters Boot Test


  • “Power, support and quickness were all there at a 110-level.” -- Greg Coulter


  • “Fit is a bit all over the map without heat molding the liner.” -- Greg Coulter

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Steamboat Springs, CO
Portland, OR

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