presents independent, comprehensive alpine ski and boot reviews, along with essays, commentaries and instruction.

This may sound like every other ski site, but realskiers is distinctively different from all the others.  We don’t pander to advertisers, like print publications, because we don’t have any.

We don’t disguise our ownership, as Vail-Resorts-owned and do, pitching only the products we carry, because we don’t sell any of the products we review.

Nor are we a couple of ski bums with abundant spare time, but two lifelong ski industry professionals who have worked with multiple brands developing new products.  Jackson Hogen’s history in product development and testing and Peter Keelty’s expertise in coaching and instruction form an unparalleled partnership.

Our test panel comes from a cross-section of America’s best specialty ski shops.  They pull no punches, giving the straight skinny on every ski they test.  For all our Recommended skis, we provide detailed performance data and assign our proprietary Finesse and Power ratings.

We don’t just help you pick the right ski, we help you find it at retail locations staffed with actual experts we vouch for.  If we have a single goal, it is to connect well-informed consumers with retailers who merit their business. 

Our goal isn’t to make sales, but to help make skiers. Real skiers.

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